Resources for Referring Physicians

At VIVA Richmond, it’s our goal to work together to serve our patients with the highest level of convenience and care.
  1. To reach an Interventional Radiologist, please contact:
    VIVA 804-486-4625
  2. RAF Physician Concierge Service 1-855-RAF-LINE (1-855-723-5463)
  3. Email RAF
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Our Ongoing Commitment to Compliance

At VIVA, we are committed to providing superior quality diagnostic and therapeutic imaging healthcare services in full compliance with all federal, state, and local laws. Our compliance program is specifically designed to guarantee that we meet or exceed all applicable laws and regulations, including those designed to prevent fraud and abuse. Simply put, we have a set of internal controls developed to prevent, detect, and resolve any illegal or unethical conduct that may occur.

VIVA Richmond’s Compliance Program includes:

  1. Written policies and procedures including a Code of Conduct.
  2. Mandatory annual HIPAA training program tailored to each employee’s individual responsibilities. Training includes detailed overview of the compliance program, fraud and abuse prevention, reimbursement, and other applicable federal, state, and local rules and regulations.
  3. Employee 24/7 hotline (NAVEX Global®) permitting employees access to a confidential method of disclosing compliance concerns on an anonymous basis. All calls to the hotline are toll-free.
  4. Appropriate screening methods to prevent employment or contracting with persons or entities prohibited from doing business with the federal government.
  5. Regularly scheduled internal billing and coding audits and yearly risk analysis to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements, such as Medicare billing, OSHA, etc. 
  6. Appropriate written discipline guidelines that are distributed to all employees and consistently enforced.
  7. Compliance Committee to monitor compliance activities and ensure the continuing effectiveness of our compliance program.