UFE Testimonial: Carolyn’s Success Story

In Press, Uncategorized by Addison Clark

Carolyn had been suffering from heavy bleeding for months due to uterine fibroids. She was ready to get her life back and was considering a hysterectomy. Her gynecologist recommended she look into having a uterine fibroid embolization done at Virginia Interventional & Vascular Associates. With their convenient Fredericksburg location, it made perfect sense for Carolyn to have the procedure done there.

Carolyn had this to say about her experience at VIVA: “They were all wonderful, respectful, compassionate, and conscientious.”

The minimally invasive procedure went smoothly and recovery was quick. In fact, a week after the procedure, Carolyn was able to fly to Europe and enjoy her daughter’s wedding.

“It was as if I never had a problem,” she said. “I’ve forgotten what life was like before because it changed so quickly. I’m thankful to have my life back.”

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